Cheap monthly web hosting

Looking for cheap monthly web hosting? Does is still exists?

Seems these days hosting providers are raising cost while lowering quality of their support team, infrastructure, and ability to actually keep their clients online. This is not the case here at ServerStream and we are writing this aritcle to inform you that yes cheap monthly web hosting does exists and will always exists as long as we are around. Not only do we offer cheap monthly web hosting but our hosting is top notch. Enjoy fast response times for your website wether it is wordpress, drupal, or even custom PHP. We can host it for you and fast.

Does cheap monthly web hosting still exists in 2023?

Enjoy low cost month to month hosting

Don’t get sucked into expensive hosting that promises support that is never there. We are ALWAYS here for you, every time! Switch to ServerStream and enjoy low cost without sacrificing performance.

Our lightning fast servers make our prices almost unbelievable and our network is securely interstellar! Never worry about your hosting ever again and save money!

View all of our services and plans to find a hosting package that is right for you or your business today and enjoy instant setup with no hidden fees.

Feature packed shared hosting plans

Our shared hosting plans are feature packed to bring you the most control over your website and domain names. Don’t get discourage by the word “shared”! Even though it is shared hosting, our servers are pretty much super computers and can handle a very large load. Also we never oversell our hardware and our custom software ensures our servers are running smooth.

Enjoy our cheapest monthly prices and these great features when you purchase one of our shared hosting plans:

  • Very fast and reliable server hardware to give your website the edge it needs to compete in a online world.
  • World class network infrastructure to ensure you website is always up and running. 99.99% uptime garunteed.
  • FREE SSL certificates generated by Lets Encrypt makes sure your site is secure.
  • Always ready customer support there when you need them.
  • Free email accounts 

We have a web hosting plan that is right for you

From our very basic shared hosting plan to the fully unlimited plan (with unlimited email addresses), we are sure you will find one that best fits your scenario. Our clients say we have the best month to month web hosting offers around. Get the most bang for your buck!

We offer fully managed wordpress hosting

Managing a wordpress website can take valuable time and requires a certain level on technical understanding. Let us take on this task for you! Through custom theme design, content creation, custom plugin development, SEO, and many other aspects we take your wordpress website to the next level. Experience the true power of wordpress when you have us manage it all for you!

How much does a server cost?

How much does a server cost to rent?

How much does it cost to rent a server? In today’s online world servers are critical to our everyday life and as such instead of paying the purchase cost of a server and hosting it in a home or office, it is more affordable to use a hosting provider like ServerStream.

server rental cost

So, ever wonder how much does it cost to rent a server? Well we have the answer for you!

Here at ServerStream our main mission is to provide affordable hosting to business’s and people alike. It is our duty to keep your apps online. Our most affordable server hosting plan cost only $9.99 a month, beating almost all the top competitors.  The monthly cost of a server is the cost a normal meal.

Above all, our hardware is top of the line with speed faster than most! View our plans today and join a hosting company you can rely on and trust!

Additionally our Clients enjoy instant setup with their services upon purchase, easy management with our custom made control panel, and top notch customer support.

How does ServerStream keep server cost low?

We constantly strive to keep cost low for our customers without sacrificing reliability, scalability, and resource usage. Here are just a few ways we cut back on cost:

  • Our custom software ensures our dedicated servers stay in tip top shape and preform the way they should.
  • All of our servers use top of the line hardware and are connected to secure networks with DDOS protection.
  • There is no middle man! For example we DO NOT resell other companies servers! All of our servers are dedicated systems around USA.
  • We DO NOT oversell our hardware like many other hosting companies.
  • We have customers like you supporting our network, Thank you!

Why you should rent a server instead of owning one

You should rent a server because server prices can be extremely expensive (electricity, internet, static ips). Here are just a few reasons why you should rent a server:

  • You don’t have to worry about present and future server hardware cost.
  • Eliminate the headache of server setup.
  • Reliability of a data center.
  • Fast network connection.
  • Redundant power and cooling.
  • Eliminate costly monthly fees, expensive server prices, and maintenance cost.

How does it work?

When you rent a server from use you will pay a single monthly fee (small faction of the total cost of the server) depending on the price of the service plan you choose. We offer a range of hosting plans from shared hosting to vps. When you purchase a service plan you service will be automatically setup and ready to go.

Depending on your service type you will have access to specific control panels to manage the service. 

We maintain the servers so you do not have to worry about it plus, help and support are always ready to assist.

Types of hosting services

All types of applications require different infrastructures to run and that is why we offer multiple hosting services:

Shared Hosting: 

Shared hosting is for small to medium size websites. Purchased typically by small business owners and individuals. Multiple websites are hosted on a single dedicated machine hence the name “Shared”. Shared hosting comes with a number of great features. You can manage this service thru our Billing Panel or Web Panel.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

Dedicated server hosting is when you have a whole physical server for only you. This is typically the case if you want a “business server”. You will have full SSH access and be able to manage all software installed.

VPS (Virtual Private Server):

Virtual private servers are virtual machines ran on a dedicated machine. Commonly referred to as a “cloud server”. They are totally separated from the dedicated machine and run their own operating system. If you are looking to “build a server” then our VPS service is right for you. Just like a dedicated machine, you will have full access to the vps with SSH. You can manage your vps service thru our Billing Panel.

Game Servers:

With this service you are able to host your favorite games online and play with your friends. You can easily manage the game server, what game you are hosting, view stored data, and add files like mods with our Game Panel.

Why choose ServerStream

As you already know, bringing you the best service we possibly can is our most important mission. Compared to many other competitors out there (we wont name names) it is a no brainer! Don’t get stuck with mediocre hosting and no support!

We have people working around the clock and new servers added to our network daily. Our support staff are always ready to assist in any matter that you may need help with. Enjoy endless features and even free email accounts! Don’t hesitate any longer, choose ServerStream!

Unlike the competition, we are there for our clients and we cater to them when they need it.